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Ameri. Yorkville pot shop miserable retail and digital fail | Cannabis Backlinks

This kind of headline is not meant to be some sort of clickbait or an attempt to solicit business, Ameri fails to deliver the expected Yorkville pot shop experience that you might expect…

It was supposed to be a big deal as Toronto’s second official legal cannabis store to open, but Ameri is a total disappointment on all fronts when I went for a visit.

After a couple of local bars were completely full in the Yonge and Bloor area while trying to catch the Maple Leafs game during their playoff run in April, we decided to try The Pilot as it was right around the corner. What I didn’t realize is that Ameri was next door and so I was pretty excited to observe the scene throughout the game and keep an eye on what was going on.

Now I didn’t go inside this time, but I noticed a slow but steady stream of curious people go in and buy their legal marijuana. The storefront was dark, it wasn’t inviting and felt like you were picking up from your local dealer.

Ameri. Yorkville pot shop miserable retail and digital fail

Fast forward to June, the weather in Toronto was heating up so I decided to hit Canadian Tire to buy a fan. I remembered that Ameri was right there, so I decided that I would go and take a visit for a second look.

I walked through the front door with stairs immediately in front of me, the door to Ameri was to my left and was met by security.

ID in hand, the female security guard was aggressive with me. I understand their role and respect what they do to keep customers and staff safe, but she was absolutely nasty with me. I wasn’t expecting her to be friendly or anything like that in order to maintain authority, but she was a piece of work and that certainly didn’t make me feel very welcome as a customer.

Once inside, the retail experience was dismal to say the least. Ameri felt like a large closet with some displays to the left and staff behind counters to the right. It felt rushed and cheap.. it was brutal..

I will say that the staff were the only positive part of my Ameri experience. They were friendly, helpful and since I was their only customer in the store at the time, I had their full attention and eventually bought 3.5 grams of Broken Coast Galiano (which BTW was a huge disappointment too because Broken Coast generally gets good reviews and touts itself as premium BC bud)… whatever that means..

Ameri. Yorkville pot shop miserable retail and digital fail

Now don’t think I’m unfairly picking on Ameri, here is a Yelp review that shares some of my concerns….

Ameri. Yorkville pot shop miserable retail and digital fail

Other than the conveniences of proximity, I would never visit Ameri again in the future as they don’t deserve my business. Other than the budtenders who did a good job, Ameri was just terrible on every front.

So now let’s take a look at Ameri’s digital footprint and see if they do better here. HINT… They don’t..

Other than Google listing them as a local business, you can’t even find their website AmeriHempire and that’s probably a good thing. It’s a single page with limited information other than their address and business hours with no social media that’s been there unchanged since they opened.

Ameri. Yorkville pot shop miserable retail and digital fail

Now this is the part that blows me away. Ameri has really nothing in terms of SEO. You would think that Toronto’s second cannabis store would do better on that fact alone, but this is a clear mark that Ameri hasn’t done anything to help themselves.

Ameri SEO Audit (amerihempire.com)

DR Rank – 2.3 (this is really bad)
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 9
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to Ameri

Referring Pages – 52
This is the total number of pages that link back to Ameri

Backlinks – 55
This is the number of actual links back to Ameri

Dofollow Backlinks – 52
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Nofollow Backlinks –  3
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Search Keywords by Position Rank
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NONE – Ahrefs has nothing on them and that makes this post a heck of a lot easier to write

Search Keywords By Volume
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NONE. Surprising when Ahrefs has nothing on a local business, especially involving anything cannabis

We do have some backlinks to list, but without an established website Ameri suffers the consequences in terms of people being able to find them on Google for any searches other than a direct match.

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