Big news in the cannabis publishing world, New Frontier Data recently announced earlier this month that they were acquiring Civilized Worldwide Inc. and their flagship web property

What many people don’t know is that Civilized is a Canadian effort, launched by Derek Riedle and his wife in Saint John, New Brunswick after friends and family chipped in with just over $1 million in funding to get things rolling.

Before I get any deeper, I have to apologize about not getting our blog post out last week as we’ve been working on another website launch that will compliment CannabisBacklinks.

Cannabis publisher recently acquired, there's nothing prehistoric about their SEO
I’d love to show more, but we’re still a week or two away from officially launching the new site and we have a ton of work to do. Look for an announcement coming sooner than later once we’re ready to take on members.

Launched in 2015, Civilized is the leading lifestyle media brand that connects millions of cannabis consumers, influencers and the canna-curious with both niche and mainstream content, events and experiences, and fashion. With operations in both Canada and the United States, Civilized creates original, premium digital content, television and podcasts; builds brands; and creates and produces world-class events and experiences for B2B and B2C audiences. Civilized is fast becoming the partner of choice for mainstream brands, and the cultural authority on the exploding global cannabis space. 

Cannabis publisher recently acquired, there's nothing prehistoric about their SEO

I’ve been a big fan of their content for quite some time now, especially their video series that often rack up millions of views on YouTube.

Most Ridiculous Names for Weed | Ask A Budtender

Free Joints for 420! | How Rachel Wolfson and Sara Weinshenk Sparked Joy on 4/20.

The Many Benefits of CBD | A Civilized Short

So congratulations on the acquisition to the entire Civilized team, but I’m cutting this post a little shorter as I’ve been getting only a few hours of sleep over the last week and we’re trying to get our new website out. Let’s hit the numbers…

SEO audit for Civilized (

DR Rank – 71
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 3936
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Referring Pages – 42,192
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Backlinks – 78,370
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Dofollow Backlinks – 58,113
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Nofollow Backlinks – 19,679
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Search Keywords by Position Rank
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Last step.. Where does Civilized get their valuable backlinks that powers their SEO?

Referring page - BacklinksDomain RankReferring DomainsLinked Domains
Legal history of cannabis in Canada - Wikipedia9525859
Civilized Events - Apps on Google Play95116
Cannabis For The Win: Sports Leagues See The Light On CBD - Forbes9312114
‘Tis the season to get baked’: a stoner’s guide to Christmas | Society | The Guardian931314
Civilized To Acquire Full-Service Marketing Communications Agency Revolution Strategy | Markets Insider92113
3 Ways to Fix Vape Pen Wires - wikiHow91999
How the US Weed Edibles Scene Compares to Canada - VICE91629
This Weed Warrior Is Breaking Barriers In The Marijuana Movement - Fast Company912519
Secondhand marijuana smoke is not just a growing nuisance, it's dangerous - NBC News911330
Malcolm Gladwell's Dangerous Marijuana Logic - The Atlantic917119
Cannabis being used in makeup products is on the rise | The Independent911737
Marijuana Midterms: What to Watch on Election Day – Rolling Stone905155
Online magazine Civilized aims to ‘elevate’ cannabis culture - The Globe and Mail90N/A20
Should marijuana be legalised in Australia? What would really happen -
West Hollywood Approves Edibles Cannabis Consumption Cafe - Eater LA902111
Breaking taboos: marketing in a newand unparalleled industry - EY - Canada9011
Sessions' war on pot could speed up marijuana legalization nationwide - The Conversation903738
L.A.’s Cannabis Cafe: Inside the Just-Opened Lowell Cafe - Daily Beast894211
Mexico's next president looks for ways to end the drug wars | Salon.com88320
Is Weed Legal in Canada? How to Buy, Where to Smoke and What to Know - Thrillist88735
Alabama thought it was a good idea to spend $21,000 to imprison a man for having $10 worth of weed / Boing Boing86411