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How SEO compliant is Cannabis Compliance? | Cannabis Backlinks

With 82 employees currently listed on LinkedIn, Cannabis Compliance Inc or CCI tout themselves as one of the world’s original cannabis consulting firms.

Pulled directly from their LI profile, CCI is a global consulting firm with subject matter expertise in the regulated consumer products industry. The company has a legacy of success based on its knowledge of safety and compliance best practices, enabling the team to provide end-to-end business solutions at every stage of the company’s growth cycle.

Now I don’t know if they were one of the world’s first cannabis consulting agencies or not, but CCI was certainly one of the first in Canada as they bombarded social media and showing up on mainstream media all over the place.

What I do remember most was how many people were sucking up to Deepak Anand on Twitter who was with CCI  from November 2017 to December 2018, Deepak was everywhere and a key voice of the cannabis legalization evolution in Canada.

Cannabis Compliance on New Regulations and Dispensary Legitimization – Midas Letter

One of the reasons why Cannabis Compliance became so powerful as quick as they did, was a classic first mover striking advantage because the Canadian government was so brutal in laying down the regulatory framework for the entire cannabis industry, nobody knew what was going on…

This was never more evident at the provincial level, when Doug Ford deflected blame in their own inability to define the regulatory landscape for the cannabis retail industry. Ford pointed fingers at the AGCO, Kathleen Wynne and Justin Trudeau as he fumbled around with the much criticized lottery process and continued to flip-flop on establishing any rules for cannabis retailers.

Doug Ford: Ontario cannabis stores should all be open in few weeks

My good friend actually contacted Cannabis Compliance when the lottery process was first announced as he was interested in starting a cannabis retail store and it took CCI two weeks to eventually respond to his email.. My guess is that just about everyone else was contacting them too.

So let’s take a deeper look at the SEO behind Cannabis Compliance and see how that first mover advantage helped them define the space.


Cannabis Compliance Inc SEO Audit (cannabiscomplianceinc.com)

DR Rank – 35 <– CCI has a bunch of #1 results on Google which is most important, but this number is surprisingly low!
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 271
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to cannabiscomplianceinc.com

Referring Pages – 664
This is the total number of pages that link back to cannabiscomplianceinc.com

Backlinks – 972
This is the number of actual links back to cannabiscomplianceinc.com

Dofollow Backlinks – 583
DoFollow links are powerful because these types of links tell Google to pay attention to the site they are linking to and increases the authority score of that website

Nofollow Backlinks –  383
NoFollow backlinks are still important, but tells Google to essentially ignore them and doesn’t pass link juice that increases the authority rank of the website they’re linking to

Search Keywords by Position Rank
Search keywords by position are the search terms people use when searching on Google and link back to Cannabis Compliance. Being #1 on Google is huge, but the value also depends on how often people search for those keywords.

cannabis compliance inc11000https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/training/programs/
craft growers license170https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/micro-cultivation/
micro cultivation license canada1100https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/micro-cultivation/
micro cultivation license1150https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/finished-products/
master grower certification canada1300https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/training/programs/cannabis-production-methods/
micro grow license canada150https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/standard-cultivation/
lift cannabis expo2250https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/event/lift-co-cannabis-expo-2/
weed license ontario230https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/ontario/
nhp consulting2200https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/cci-acquires-nhp-consulting-inc/
cannabis consulting2100https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/cannabis-compliance-launches-in-canada/
marijuana license ontario290https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/ontario/
micro cultivation license application3200https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/micro-cultivation/
health canada micro cultivation license3150https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/micro-cultivation/
selling weed in canada330https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/
weed license ontario330https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/
how to get a marijuana license420https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/saskatchewan/
medical marijuana growers license560https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/cultivation/micro-cultivation/

Search Keywords By Volume
Search keywords by volume is the actual number of searches for a specific keyword or term on Google. You don’t need to be ranked #1 for a keyword with big search volumes for huge SEO wins and can often be more valuable than ranking #1 if more people are coming to your website with that search volume.

ontario cannabis store22,00018https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/ontario/
cannabis canada15,00045https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/
ontario cannabis7,70034https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/ontario/
national access cannabis3,50063https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/cannabis-compliance-inc-cci-announces-successful-retail-licence-client-national-access-cannabis-nac-gears-private-retail-consulting/
medical marihuana health canada3,10062https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/finished-products/standard-processing/
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ontario weed store1,40030https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/ontario/
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acmpr application1,00013https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/finished-products/standard-processing/
where to buy legal weed in ontario60046https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/licensing/retail-licensing/
is cbd legal in canada600100https://www.cannabiscomplianceinc.com/cbd-in-the-usa/

So where does Cannabis Compliance get some of their backlinks? Let’s dig a little deeper and find out

Referring page - BacklinksDomain RankReferring DomainsLinked Domains
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Cannabis Compliance Inc. Appoints Mr. Maurizio Calconi as Vice President for CCI Staffing Solutions, a division of Cannabis Compliance Inc. | Markets Insider92110
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Cannabis quality involves careful science and carefree highs - The Conversation90326
Cannabis Compliance Inc. and University of Guelph join to offer cannabis workshops for graduates - Newswire.ca85215
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Winning the Lottery Rife With Challenges for Ontario Cannabis Retailers - Leafly841915
Let the sun shine in: Canada’s first outdoor cannabis farms are promising better quality weed - NOW Magazine791315
Episode 2: Michael Elkin - Cannabis Compliance Inc. from Budding Industry - Podcast on RadioPublic7808
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