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Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street | Cannabis Backlinks

I wanted to change things up here on the blog a little (and needed an excuse to get out of the house), so I jumped on the subway and headed down to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street today.

Formerly a HMV store, this location was one that I’ve been meaning to check out for quite some time because of it’s prime location at Yonge and Dundas.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Knowing the old building and it’s layout, I was expecting a huge store.. It wasn’t…

Approximately 1500 square feet, it was a decent-sized room and not much more than that. I hit the computer to do some research after I got home, and it seems that Tokyo Smoke plans to expand their retail footprint to 6500 square feet at some point in the future.

I’ve been to 3 cannabis stores in Toronto so far – How did Tokyo Smoke rank?

I went to The Hunny Pot Cannabis Store the first day it opened last April and to date it’s been the nicest store I’ve been to so far.

Ameri was my second trip to a cannabis store and was a real disappointment considering it was in Yorkville. I posted about that experience already.

Maybe my expectations were too high, but my Tokyo Smoke excursion today was somewhere between the other two.

Greeted by a security guard at the front door, there were no lineups and I went inside where there were maybe 20 customers or so.. Here’s an older video on what the store looks like.

Tokyo Smoke Opening – 333 Yonge Street

I managed to snap some pictures on my phone after getting permission.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Great staff at Tokyo Smoke – What makes a good budtender?

The budtenders and staff were friendly and helpful. I looked around for the budtender I thought would give me the best suggestions on what type of pot to buy, I was listening to him talk with a couple of other customers and waited until they were finished before I got my opportunity to speak with him.

I selected this particular budtender because he was older, he looked the part and he delivered. He was worth the visit alone and I would even go back because of that experience.

I reviewed my purchase history of what I’ve bought in the past, explained how they made me feel and was ultimately looking for something new to try.

My budtender showed me a bunch of different strains that I might be interested in, we narrowed down my selection to something high in THC and wasn’t going to make me groggy.

Here’s what I’ve bought to date

Aurora MK Ultra – Strong, very chill and zoned me out too much.
San Rafael 71′ Pink Kush – Really good quality, but still too heavy and made me sleepy
Broken Coast Galiano – Despite watching many positive reviews about Broken Coast, Galiano was absolutely average. I was hoping for much more.

I’ll reveal what I ended up buying in a second, but I made my final decision after talking with my budtender for about 20 minutes. He ordered my selection on his iPad and I went to the counter to pay for it.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

So what did I end up buying? Jack Haze by 7ACRES

My budtender said he smoked Jack Haze last week and it was pretty darn good with a THC level of 16.0 – 22.0%. Inspired by Jack Herer, Jack Haze is a sativa-dominant strain with positive reviews.

Without his suggestion, I would have never bought Jack Haze or anything from 7ACRES. I’m now in the habit of going to a cannabis store with no plan other than to rely on the budtender to suggest what they think is best to try. That’s what they are there for — and I love it!

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

I was a little disappointed at the size of the buds, I usually buy 3.5 grams vs. buying 1 gram because there’s a better chance of getting bigger nugs and usually means better quality.. but size doesn’t always tell the entire story.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

How much did Jack Haze cost?

Listed at $52.35 on the OCS, I paid $58 + tax for 3.5 grams at Tokyo Smoke. Jack Haze was one of the more expensive strains to buy and that’s ok if the quality is there.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

I’m not a huge smoker by any means, usually one joint on the weekend and this will last me for months. But we’re a SEO agency, let’s take a look at Tokyo Smoke.

SEO audit for Tokyo Smoke (ca.tokyosmoke.com)

DR Rank – 52
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Finally we get down to sites linking back to Tokyo Smoke and how it impacts their SEO

Referring page - Backlinks Domain RankReferring DomainsLinked Domains
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