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Ontario Cannabis Store SEO Audit (OCS) | Cannabis Backlinks

To understand why I started CannabisBacklinks.ca, it all began when I launched WeedLoving.ca (which I sold in June) and built the site to capture the journey of legal cannabis across Canada.

When the Ontario Cannabis Store went live on October 17th, I kept refreshing my browser until OCS.ca was available to the public. I was amazed and overwhelmed at the number of cannabis products available to the public. I wanted to post about all about it because this whole legal marijuana thing was a pretty big deal to everyone.

Ontario Cannabis Store SEO Audit (OCS)

I placed my order at 12:20 am, and to my surprise my order number was #7078. OCS said it would take a few business days to deliver my order and that was the start of a brutal series of events for the Ontario Cannabis Store. You can read through my posts below about the entire experience, needless to say it was a disaster as I got my order 3 weeks later.

Here is my personal history with the OCS

Ordered 12:20am October 17th. Three Weeks Later. My OCS order (#7078) arrived today!

Ontario Cannabis Store SEO Audit (OCS)

How a company like the OCS with 109 employees (according to Linkedin), completely screwed this up is totally amazing. How they weren’t ready to meet the anticipated demand as the only source of legal cannabis for all of Ontario is still a mystery. It was reported that the OCS got 150,000 orders in the first 24 hours and they weren’t ready for it despite having months to prepare.

What I found out over the time I managed WeedLoving was that there were hundreds of entrepreneurs launching their own cannabis businesses and they all needed traffic to their websites.

The problem with running a cannabis website is that you simply can’t spend money on Google or Facebook ads to scale your audience, it’s not allowed. I talked to so many passionate people that were starting their own businesses and couldn’t find way to promote themselves. That’s the reason why I started CannabisBacklinks.ca

Our team is dedicated to teaching people how to improve their SEO, how it all works without all the tech talk and how to generate traffic without depending on paid advertising. For our first blog post, we’re doing a quick profile and SEO study on the mighty Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS.ca)

Ontario Cannabis Store SEO Audit (OCS)

DR Rank – 60
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 1,212
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to OCS.ca

Referring Pages – 80,356
This is the total number of pages that link back to OCS.ca

Backlinks – 85,407
This is the number of actual links back to OCS.ca

Dofollow Backlinks – 84,389
DoFollow links are powerful because these types of links tell Google to pay attention to the site they are linking to and increases the authority score of that website

Nofollow Backlinks –  933
NoFollow backlinks are still important, but tells Google to essentially ignore them and doesn’t pass link juice that increases the authority rank of the website they’re linking to

Search Keywords by Position Rank
Search keywords by position are the search terms people use when searching on Google and link back to the OCS. Being #1 on Google is huge, but the value also depends on how often people search for those keywords.

online weed store ontario160https://ocs.ca/collections/all-cannabis-products
online marijuana1300https://ocs.ca/collections/capsules
cbd shark shock1300https://ocs.ca/products/cbd-shark-shock-redecan
cannibis online1150https://ocs.ca/blogs/shopping-at-ocs/about-buying-cannabis
pink kush thc150https://ocs.ca/products/pink-kush-san-rafael-71
online weed ontario1250https://ocs.ca/
ontario cannibis store.ca1350https://ocs.ca/collections/capsules
pre rolled joints1300https://ocs.ca/collections/hybrid-pre-rolled
where to buy weed canada150https://ocs.ca/collections/dried-flower-cannabis
cbd oil for pain for sale1150https://ocs.ca/products/cbd-oil
dna genetics lemon skunk1100https://ocs.ca/products/lemon-skunk
ontario cannabis store prices1300https://ocs.ca/collections/new
ocs website1250https://ocs.ca/collections/dried-flower-cannabis
broken coast quadra1200https://ocs.ca/products/quadra
cbd cream canada1600https://ocs.ca/blogs/cannabis-anatomy/cbd
where can i buy weed190https://ocs.ca/
order weed toronto150https://ocs.ca/collections/bottled-oils
weed store canada180https://ocs.ca/
canabis canada.ca store1150https://ocs.ca/collections/oils

Search Keywords By Volume
Search keywords by volume is the actual number of searches for a specific keyword or term on Google. You don’t need to be ranked #1 for a keyword with big search volumes for huge SEO wins and can often be more valuable than ranking #1 if more people are coming to your website with that search volume.

government of canada7476,000https://ocs.ca/
lcbo hours9463,000https://ocs.ca/
cbd oil339,000https://ocs.ca/products/cbd-oil
lcbo product search4632,000https://ocs.ca/
northern lights8327,000https://ocs.ca/products/northern-lights-moc

So where does the Ontario Cannabis Store get some their best backlinks based on domain rank? There’s a hidden gem if you look deep enough that even surprised me…

Referring page - Backlinks Domain Rank Referring DomainsLinked Domains 
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Hamilton says province should keep pot shops away from schools, pedestrians and LRT | CBC News9119
Hamilton is getting one of the first legal cannabis stores | CBC News9129
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