Questions and FAQS about our services

Before you place an order, we ask that you please contact us first via the Contact Us tab on the left or via live chat. Tell us more about your website, what you need and we'll put together a SEO game plan for you.

Who are you and where are you based?
You can read all about us to find out more about the team and what we do here. We're a cannabis SEO agency based out of Toronto, Canada

Are there any cannabis websites that you prohibit?
Unfortunately we can't accept orders from unlicensed dispensaries or MOM (Mail Order Marijuana) sites as they are too hard to place and our publishers generally don't accept anything that's not fully legal. Give us a call if you aren't sure and we'll make suggestions.

Do you accept non-cannabis websites?
Absolutely, but we don't accept any gambling, pornography or anything like that though. Please contact us before placing an order and we'll take a look to see if our services match what you need

Do you accept cannabis websites outside of Canada?
Yes we do. Most of our clients are actually from the US and Europe. Give us a shout first and we'll see what's available

Do you 'just do guest posts' or can you help us with our general SEO too?
We do complete site audits essentially for every single person and company we talk to. We're finding that the majority of our business isn't even backlinks, it's been fixing things first before we even start to worry about who's linking to you.. We've been amazed that even some of the biggest sites are making some really silly mistakes. Easy fixes and quick SEO wins, contact us and we'll take a look

How long will it take for you to complete my guest post order?
We do real and genuine blogger outreach to find you the best publishers possible, orders can take up to a month to fulfill. Sometimes it will be longer than 30 days, we do cannabis marketing right...

Why does it take so long to find a publisher?
Cannabis Backlinks goes the extra mile to find you optimal and trusted sites for your guest posts. That means we manually contact each website and vet them individually to make sure they are the best quality possible

I see other services offering guest posts. Why are your prices way more expensive?
You get what you pay for. Many other guest post services will place links on PBN or spammy websites. We have an extensive internal checklist to make sure all guest posts are placed on sites that meet our criteria. That means real live traffic and healthy publishers that give you the best results possible for the long-term

No seriously... Paying hundreds of dollars for just one website to link back to me is insane!
I know.. It's crazy.. Cannabis advertising isn't cheap or easy. We only talk to the best publishers out there and it's definitely worth the money if you are serious about investing in your business or website.

Wait a second. I have a cannabis website myself and want to be part of your network
We are super picky when it comes to where we place client content. Beyond manual outreach here, we do have established relationships with premium cannabis publishers. For more information about how you can make more money from your cannabis website or blog, please visit our Publisher Network page

Important! Clarification between blogger outreach and guest posts.
When we say guest posts, our backlinks aren't in the form of an author box or anything like that. True blogger outreach means your link will be written naturally as their own content from an editorial perspective by the publisher

Are my backlinks permanent?
Publisher links usually last indefinitely, but there are times when owners may make major changes to their sites. In the case that you see that a link has been removed for whatever reason, please let us know and we'll make it right

Will my guest post always appear on another cannabis website?
Most of the time it's usually the opposite. Say you run a cannabis tourism company out of Toronto. We'll find relevant publishers that might cover travel and tourism, or maybe local websites that talk about Toronto. Relevance is key for success!

So you write the guest post for me?
Yes. We write 800-1000 word cannabis guest posts for you, we don't outsource any of our writing overseas or employ low-quality freelancers

What makes your writing services different? 
We think of ourselves as a content marketing company first and take pride in the work we produce. Each piece of writing is unique, follows best SEO practices, checked for grammar and approved by our editorial team before it's placed on a publisher website. Nothing is spun, we pay our writers top dollar to make sure your post is done with quality in mind

I see your products talk about DA? What does DA mean?
DA stands for Domain Authority and determines the quality of the publisher we place your guest post. The higher the DA means the website has more SEO value in terms of search engine traffic. DA is not the only measure we use here, every publisher must pass multiple criteria before consideration for guest post placement

What type of account management should I expect?
We're a tight and cohesive team here that welcomes personal accountability and means you'll be dealing directly with us . We've got years in the business and we try to treat each potential customer like it's our most important client. Before orders are even placed, we'll take a look at your website and figure out what's happening behind the scenes. We've already declined orders because some clients need to address basic site issues first before we can even start to worry about your backlink portfolio and site authority. We can't do anything good for you if things on your website are broken... Give us a shout and we'll fix everything up..

Do you accept agencies as customers?
Yes, we offer fully-managed services to other agencies that want to offer guest posts to their clients.

I have more questions!
Feel free to contact us or chat via live support and we'll be happy to answer all of your questions