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Think of LinkedIn for cannabis. We’re proud to announce the launch of

I don’t usually don’t talk about new websites before they are ready for prime time, but I wanted to share this super early and announce the launch of 

Cannabis publisher recently acquired, there’s nothing prehistoric about their SEO

Big news in the cannabis publishing world, New Frontier Data recently announced earlier this month that they were acquiring Civilized Worldwide Inc. and their flagship web property

Even Alfred E. Neuman can’t handle this MADness. The decline of cannabis pot store MedMen

Once considered the Apple Store of pot, cannabis retail chain MedMen has gone from industry darling to stock market disaster with their value falling more than 70% since they announced their plans to buy PharmaCann about the same time last year.

Beware! Cannabis marketing industry is FULL of SEO snake oil

I’m not a newbie.. It’s not like I just jumped blindly into the digital arena and have been surprised by any of this, but the cannabis marketing industry is full of SEO snake oil and you need to be really careful who you do business with.

Jack Herer Field Trip! I headed to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street

I wanted to change things up here on the blog a little and needed an excuse to get out of the house, so I jumped on the subway and headed down to cannabis store Tokyo Smoke at 333 Yonge Street today. What did I end up buying?

Pot, Music and SEO. Prairie Records named top Canadian cannabis retailer

I might be dating myself here, but there was a time when you would faithfully head to the local mall every week and spend countless hours combing through albums of your favourite music bands. Prairie Records were recently announced as the top cannabis retailer in Canada at the GrowUP Conference & Expo, attempting to combine that same retro cool vibe of vinyl record stores and buying pot.