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Pot, Music and SEO. Prairie Records named top Canadian cannabis retailer | Cannabis Backlinks

I might be dating myself here, but there was a time when you would faithfully head to the local mall every week and spend countless hours combing through albums of your favourite music bands.

Fascinated by the lure of enticing album art and soaking in the entire experience, people could find new music that far exceeds building a Spotify playlist on your phone today.

Prairie Records were recently announced as the top cannabis retailer in Canada at the GrowUP Conference & Expo, attempting to combine that same retro cool vibe of vinyl record stores and buying pot.

Prairie Records offering a combination of music and cannabis

Calgary-based Westleaf launched their award-winning cannabis retail concept that married cannabis and music, with the hopes of differentiating themselves from the rest of their cannabis retail competitors across Canada.

Prairie Records describe themselves as a musically inclined cannabis retail store that offers consumers a unique shopping experience. With over 20 retail locations planned to open in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in 2020, we are proud to offer the highest quality products, second-to-none service, and a feeling of getting lost in the music.

So far it looks like their formula is winning…

Pot, Music and SEO. Prairie Records named top Canadian cannabis retailer

As a business strategy, we currently don’t pursue cannabis retailers as SEO clients at this point unless they come to us.

Everything today is based on proximity, consumers are largely driven to visit local pot shops depending on how close they are to where they live or work.

Digital marketing is simply not a priority for cannabis retailers (for now at least)

  • No competition. Until there are pot shops on every corner and eventually competing for the same customers, existing cannabis retailers are riding the novelty of legal marijuana without much fear of having to work for it. Product demand is big enough and ongoing supply issues means that customers are finding them and not the other way around.
  • Every shop sells the exact same products. Cannabis retailers are legally mandated to buy cannabis from authorized producers only, there is no differentiation to what they sell. Cannabis stores can’t market themselves on product exclusivity for the cannabis strains they feature.
  • Everything is brand new. Store owners are still getting their heads around how to actually run their business, things like marketing and customer loyalty initiatives are secondary at this point until they figure out what’s working for them. Many store operators are already complaining about margins and profitability, never mind sinking money into marketing.

With increased competition as the industry matures, it means many cannabis retailers will eventually shut their doors as stronger players emerge with a better customer experience.

Living in Toronto myself and as more cannabis stores open around my neighbourhood, I would be more inclined to visit stores that actually earn my business.

“Unlike any other cannabis retail environment, Prairie Records seeks to elicit a sense of happiness, discovery, and enjoyment with our customers. We can’t wait for you to join us in store and hit the high notes while getting lost in the music.”

Prairie Records Concept – How to win the cannabis retail wars

So we now take a look at Prairie Records and their existing SEO as it stands today.. More than a pretty face, digital marketing will become key to staying ahead of the competitive curve.

SEO audit for Prairie Records (PrairieRecords.ca)

DR Rank – 23
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 133
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to PrairieRecords.ca

Referring Pages – 630
This is the total number of pages that link back to PrairieRecords.ca

Backlinks – 1036
This is the number of actual links back to PrairieRecords.ca

Dofollow Backlinks – 410
DoFollow links are powerful because these types of links tell Google to pay attention to the site they are linking to and increases the authority score of that website

Nofollow Backlinks – 626
NoFollow backlinks are still important, but tells Google to essentially ignore them and doesn’t pass link juice that increases the authority rank of the website they’re linking to

Search Keywords by Position Rank
Search keywords by position are the search terms people use when searching on Google and link back to Prairie Records. Being #1 on Google is huge, but the value also depends on how often people search for those keywords.

Most interesting thing to notice here is the number of terms based on cannabis strain name. Many cannabis store websites don’t list any products and means a ton of lost Google search opportunities for potential customers looking for a specific brand of pot!

prairie records1250https://www.prairierecords.ca/
prairie cannabis2150https://www.prairierecords.ca/
saskatoon cannabis3800https://www.prairierecords.ca/
marijuana stores saskatoon470https://www.prairierecords.ca/
saskatoon cannabis stores4100https://www.prairierecords.ca/
pot shops saskatoon460https://www.prairierecords.ca/
canaca white widow5100https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-white-widow
plain packaging indica5200https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/plain-packaging-indica-oil-40ml
record stores saskatoon580https://www.prairierecords.ca/
saskatoon weed520https://www.prairierecords.ca/
saskatoon marijuana540https://www.prairierecords.ca/
saskatoon marijuana dispensary530https://www.prairierecords.ca/
weed saskatoon530https://www.prairierecords.ca/
tweed cannabis oil760https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
alien dawg9700https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-alien-dawg-dried-flower
ultra sour12150https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/namaste-ultra-sour-dried-flower
plain packaging indica12200https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/plain-packaging-indica-oil-40ml
redecan wappa1290https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/redecan-wappa
marijuana franchise1320https://www.prairierecords.ca/pages/canndara
argyle strain13100https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
lbs moonbeam1450https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/lbs-moonbeam-dried-flower
edison rio bravo15150https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/edison-rio-bravo-dried-flower
canaca white widow15100https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-white-widow
lbs sunset16150https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/lbs-sunset-capsules-2-5-mg-x-60
alien chemdawg1670https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-alien-dawg-dried-flower
music store saskatoon19150https://www.prairierecords.ca/
alien dawg19700https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-alien-dawg-dried-flower
rio bravo strain19250https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/edison-rio-bravo-dried-flower
aurora mk ultra20150https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/aurora-mk-ultra

Search Keywords By Volume
Search keywords by volume is the actual number of searches for a specific keyword or term on Google. You don’t need to be ranked #1 for a keyword with big search volumes for huge SEO wins and can often be more valuable than ranking #1 if more people are coming to your website with that search volume.

top hits1,10018https://www.prairierecords.ca/collections/top-hits
saskatoon cannabis8003https://www.prairierecords.ca/
alien dawg7009https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-alien-dawg-dried-flower
tweed cbd oil45017https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
cannabis saskatoon3003https://www.prairierecords.ca/
prairie records2501https://www.prairierecords.ca/
rio bravo strain25019https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/edison-rio-bravo-dried-flower
plain packaging sativa25013https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/plain-packaging-sativa-dried-flower
saskatoon dispensary2508https://www.prairierecords.ca/
plain packaging indica2005https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/plain-packaging-indica-oil-40ml
weed dispensary saskatoon2006https://www.prairierecords.ca/
lbs sunset15016https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/lbs-sunset-capsules-2-5-mg-x-60
edison rio bravo15015https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/edison-rio-bravo-dried-flower
music store saskatoon15019https://www.prairierecords.ca/
argyle tweed15019https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
prairie cannabis1502https://www.prairierecords.ca/
ultra sour15012https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/namaste-ultra-sour-dried-flower
tweed highlands15018https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-highlands-capsules-2-5-mg-x-60
aurora mk ultra15020https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/aurora-mk-ultra
canaca white widow1005https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-white-widow
argyle strain10013https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
saskatoon cannabis stores10041https://www.prairierecords.ca/
marijuana dispensary saskatoon906https://www.prairierecords.ca/
tweed oil807https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/tweed-argyle-oil-40ml
record stores saskatoon805https://www.prairierecords.ca/
cannabis dispensary saskatoon706https://www.prairierecords.ca/
og diesel7019https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/flowr-bc-og-sour-diesel
marijuana stores saskatoon704https://www.prairierecords.ca/
alien chemdawg7016https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/canaca-alien-dawg-dried-flower
pot shops saskatoon604https://www.prairierecords.ca/
lbs moonbeam5014https://www.prairierecords.ca/products/lbs-moonbeam-dried-flower
marijuana franchise2013https://www.prairierecords.ca/pages/canndara

Lots of interesting data above about how people are finding Prairie Records on Google and what they are searching for. Now we check their backlinks.

Referring page - BacklinksDomain RankReferring DomainsLinked Domains
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