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President Trump to ban vaping? It’s a PAX attack (by the numbers) | Cannabis Backlinks

President Trump talked about banning flavoured e-cigarettes earlier this week after some 450 possible cases of lung illness associated with vaping were reported by the CDC. Today we look at PAX by the numbers when it comes to their digital marketing and SEO efforts.

According to Linkedin, PAX Labs is an award-winning, consumer technology brand that supports responsible, adult cannabis use. Our products represent the gold standard in product quality and we aim to move the space beyond outdated stereotypes. Most of all, we want to be good stewards for a product and movement that enhances many people’s lives.

Although it’s not 100% clear if the target is banning non-tobacco products exclusively or exactly what’s coming down the pipe, but Trump indicated further announcements would be made in the next couple of weeks.

President Trump to ban vaping?

PAX made the following statement on Wednesday.

President Trump to ban vaping? It's a PAX attack (by the numbers)

President Trump to ban vaping? It's a PAX attack (by the numbers)

PAX is big business. We compared revenues from Leafly and PAX in our last post and their $113 million in projected revenue for 2019, but this latest attack on the vaping industry could significantly impact PAX moving forward.

Retailing somewhere in the range of $200-$250, PAX is considered the iPhone of the vaporizer market. Their products are sleek and sexy, wildly popular and successful…

You know we do SEO, so let’s take a deeper look at how PAX dominates in their digital marketing efforts.

SEO audit for PAX (pax.com)

DR Rank – 74
DR stands for Domain Rank, it’s a score used to determine the authority of your website in search engine rankings. This is also commonly referred to as DA (Domain Authority) depending on the SEO tool you are using.

Referring Domains – 36,656
This is the total number of domains or websites that link back to pax.com

Referring Pages – 4,810,231
This is the total number of pages that link back to pax.com

Backlinks – 9,637,553
This is the number of actual links back to pax.com

Dofollow Backlinks – 9,629,708
DoFollow links are powerful because these types of links tell Google to pay attention to the site they are linking to and increases the authority score of that website

Nofollow Backlinks – 4,643
NoFollow backlinks are still important, but tells Google to essentially ignore them and doesn’t pass link juice that increases the authority rank of the website they’re linking to

Search Keywords by Position Rank
Search keywords by position are the search terms people use when searching on Google and link back to Pax. Being #1 on Google is huge, but the value also depends on how often people search for those keywords.

For Pax, you see that brand searches predictably dominate their top ranking keywords…

pax pen vape120https://www.pax.com/
pax herbal vaporizer1200https://eu.pax.com/
pax portable vaporizer1100https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
portable vaporizer pax140https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax smoking device130https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax vape pods160https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax marijuana160https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax one1100https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax vape weed130https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax cartridges1600https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax marijuana vaporizer140https://eu.pax.com/
pax weed pen1150https://eu.pax.com/
vaporizer weed pax110https://www.pax.com/
pax 3 charger1900https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
pax mod140https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax pens1300https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax vaporizer for weed150https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories
pax concentrate insert1400https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
weed vaporizer pax130https://eu.pax.com/
pax vapor11,100https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax dry herb vaporizer1400https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax vape pens1250https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax oil pods140https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax weed1400https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax pen12,900https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
weed pax170learn.pax.com/
pax vapes1300https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax weed1400https://www.pax.com/
pax cigarette120https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax marijuana160https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
vaporizers pax1350https://eu.pax.com/
pax vape for weed120https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax 2125,000https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2

Search Keywords By Volume
Search keywords by volume is the actual number of searches for a specific keyword or term on Google. You don’t need to be ranked #1 for a keyword with big search volumes for huge SEO wins and can often be more valuable than ranking #1 if more people are coming to your website with that search volume.

pax era28,0001https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax 225,0001https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax vaporizer20,0003https://www.pax.com/pages/store-locator
pax era pods11,0008https://pods.pax.com/
juul warranty10,00017https://www.pax.com/pages/registration
pax labs8,7001https://www.pax.com/pages/about
pax 2 vaporizer4,6003https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax pods4,1004https://pods.pax.com/
pax 2 vs pax 33,3007https://www.pax.com/pages/compare-devices
pax pen2,9001https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax juul2,30020https://www.pax.com/
pax 42,10019https://www.pax.com/blogs/news
pax 3 accessories2,0001https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
pax 11,8003https://www.pax.com/pages/pax-vapor-tips-and-getting-started
pax ploom1,6001https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era
pax locations1,4006https://www.pax.com/pages/store-locator
register juul1,300102https://www.pax.com/pages/registration
flower vaporizer1,300132https://www.pax.com/
pax pod1,20051https://pods.pax.com/
pax 3 vs pax 21,1009https://www.pax.com/pages/compare-devices
pot vaporizer1,100192https://www.pax.com/
pax 2 charger1,00012https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
juul register1,00091https://www.pax.com/pages/registration
pax 3 concentrate insert90052https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
loose leaf vaporizer9007https://www.pax.com/
pax 3 charger9001https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
how to use a vape pen for the first time90015https://learn.pax.com/vaporizers-vaping/how-to-use-a-vape-pen-steps/
pax vape pen8002https://www.pax.com/
pax vaporizer amazon80094https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
firefly 2 vs pax 380092https://learn.pax.com/pax-products/comparing-pax-3-vs-firefly-2-vaporizers/
juul warranty claim800172https://www.pax.com/pages/registration
pax 3 concentrate8005https://www.pax.com/collections/accessories/pax-3
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juul labs customer care700122https://www.pax.com/pages/registration
pax 3 vs firefly 270013https://learn.pax.com/pax-products/comparing-pax-3-vs-firefly-2-vaporizers/
pax 2 vaporizer for sale70031https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax 3 amazon7008https://www.pax.com/products/pax-3
pax 2 amazon6006https://www.pax.com/products/pax-2
pax era pods price6007https://www.pax.com/products/pax-era

Where does PAX get their backlinks? Let’s take a quick look..

Referring page - BacklinksDomain RankReferring Domains Linked Domains
Pax Mobile – Apps on Google Play95116
Holiday Gift Guide: The Ultimate Luxury List For Cannabis Connoisseurs - Forbes933231
Cannabis Tech Company PAX Labs Raises $420 Million And Reaches Unicorn Status On 4/20 - Forbes934312
Pax Labs, Inc. | Better Business Bureau93112
Juul Labs raising $150 million in debt after spinning out of Pax - CNBC9114120
How This Investor Blazed a Path to Success in the Cannabis Industry - Entrepreneur913423
Looking to Change Careers? The Cannabis Industry Wants You | Fortune91027
Startup behind the Lambo of vaporizers just launched an intelligent e-cigarette - The Verge919827
The Rise Of The Alpha Stoners - Fast Company91133
The Electronic Vaporizer: Stylish Accessory and Cessation Device - The Atlantic91220
Medical Marijuana: How to Talk to Your Family About Pot – Rolling Stone904049
Blazing Hot Weed Tech Companies to Watch | PCMag.com903970
Cannabis is poised to be Silicon Valley’s billion dollar cash crop - The Next Web905527
Marijuana means business: Everything you need to know about the cannabis industry | ZDNet905365
Everything you need to know about vaping marijuana | Salon.com881116
Hey new cannabis users and microdosers: Pax's app stops you from getting too high / Boing Boing861015
Apple's new patent is a hi-tech vaporizer | Macworld86723
Designing for the New Culture of Cannabis | Architectural Digest861821
8 of the Best Weed Vaporizers for the Total Beginner | SELF864229
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