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Think of LinkedIn for cannabis. We’re proud to announce the launch of cannabispros.online | Cannabis Backlinks

I don’t usually don’t talk about new websites before they are ready for prime time, but I wanted to share this super early and announce the launch of CannabisPros.online

As I first teased in my last post of something new coming out, think of CannabisPros as a LinkedIn for cannabis professionals.

Now full disclosure, we’re still actively working on the site. There is dummy data there and I’m still building out pages, but the site is completely functional.

Think of LinkedIn for cannabis. We're proud to announce the launch of cannabispros.online

With well over 200 outstanding issues logged that still need to be fixed, I figure it will be another 3-4 weeks to get everything done and start to promote the site.

None of this is new… The risks about working in the cannabis industry

This goes back to January 2018, when I first publicly disclosed on my LinkedIn profile that I had launched WeedLoving, featuring a logo of a beaver smoking a joint.

I started by asking friends and family on Facebook, what a good domain might be for a new cannabis website. I got a call immediately from my mom who was very confused and concerned about what I was planning to do and whether it was legal or not. This was before cannabis was legalized in Canada and there was plenty of chatter about this Pandora’s Box that was coming our way.

Everything turned out fine, but it was months of me deliberating whether or not to display this on my LinkedIn profile. What would people think?

I have many LinkedIn connections from over the years, right away I got a bunch of curious messages from past co-workers asking about what the hell I was doing?

Most people were supportive, some thought it was pretty cool.. but I could tell that other people were still mired in traditional stigmas about cannabis and how that especially relates to a professional career choice. I’m sure I lost some connections over it…

I ended up selling WeedLoving in June of this year and used the money to start CannabisBacklinks.

You already own a cannabis SEO agency, why launch a LinkedIn for cannabis too?

To be honest, I had zero plans of launching anything new as CannabisBacklinks keeps me plenty busy these days.

It started when I had a conversation with someone who owns a similar site I guess while prospecting and when I brought up some ideas and feedback, he didn’t follow-up with me for a scheduled call.

I understood his website better than he did, my assertions were based on pure site metrics and what could propel him to the next level with some SEO help and other basic performance fundamentals. The data was all there, I wasn’t doing any hard selling.. I even sent some screenshots to support what I was getting at.

It’s what I’d seen in the SEO data that spurred a few ideas of my own..

I have no illusions about how difficult it will be to scale ‘yet another social network’ of sorts.

But this is cannabis. I’ve already made my bet on the future of legal marijuana around the world and the challenges around the promotion of anything cannabis related.

There will be obvious and real synergies between the two sites. Whether a SEO agency and cannabis social network makes business sense, only time will tell.

Feel free to join CannabisPros.online and help us get this running over the next few weeks.